Monday, October 1, 2012

Warm up and Cool Down

Sometimes I feel like it is really easy to forget to warm up and cool down.  I jump right into a workout and dont warm up and when I am done I stop working out and get my butt home because I am so hungry.  Today on my bike ride to yoga class, I was thinking about this and realized that I do indeed warm up. 

I ride about 2.5 miles to the gym, mostly hills and my heart gets beating a bit faster but no where near capacity of a workout.  That seems like a warm up to me.  Then on the way home after I sweat and grunt and get my heart pumping I take a different way home that at first has a small gradual incline, but is flat the rest of the ride.  Basically, a nice easy ride home that could totally be considered my cool down. 

Even a 10 minute yoga type stretching exercise in the morning before your workout, or just to get your day going is a great warm up/wake up.  Rodney Yee does some great yoga videos, and there are some on youtube for free, which is even better. This is a great beginners workout with Rodney Yee, unfortunately there are commercials, but for a free taste, it does the trick!

Yoga is a great roller derby workout, it helps with flexability, balance and overall strength....and its super relaxing and fun!

Today in yoga I had a yoga breakthrough and did something I NEVER thought I could ever do, sure I only held the pose for about 3 seconds at a time, but the fact that I did it made my day!
Since clearly I didnt have a photo of myself doing "crow pose", this photos of elephants doing it works perfectly to illustrate what I mean without using some random persons photo.
It is essentially getting on all fours then balancing your knees on the backs of your arms.  Arent those elephants cute?  And strong? 

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