Sunday, September 2, 2012

Enter to win a Protech Dent mouth guard!

Another awesome giveaway of 2 Protech mouth guards!

In honor of my 30th birthday this week, a giveaway of the best damn mouthguard I have ever tried!!!!

I chose the white mouth guard, thinking it would look cool to smile and look like they are just my teeth...which I still think, but it just made me realize my teeth are looking a bit yellow...oops!

*For your first original entry, please comment with your favorite wheels and why

You may do each of these things as extra entries for this giveaway, once you have done it, post in a comment that you did the deed!  Already follow my blog and facebook, etc?  That's bad ass, leave a comment stating that for your extra entries.

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***Post this entire message as a status on facebook:      I entered the @vegan derby girl  contest sponsored by @protechdent the winner will receive a Protech Dent mouth guard Enter here:
***Post this to your twitter: I entered a contest by @fortheloveofveg at  the winner will receive a Protech Dent Mouth guard!

2 winners will be chosen on September 6!  Good luck, in the meantime, skate fast....skate hard!


Fallen said...

I'm just starting out so I don't have much experience with wheels, but I have some Radar Zens on my skates and so far I am enjoying them.

I posted on facebook and twitter and I follow your blog, twitter and facebook page!

The Allotment Cat said...

I just got my first new wheels - Rollerbones Kois - and I love them! Fast, smooth and purty to boot :-)

Allie B Bashin said...

My favs right now are Jukes 97. They give me enough grip while giving me some speed.

ChibiMitch said...

I'm still learning, but I like my Atom Jukes despite still sliding a bit on them.

Jeanie Hurd said...

A friend of mine recommended that I try Atom Juke 93A. Once I put them on my skates I fell in love with them!

Amie said...

I'm loving Omegas mixed with slim Jukes. 93/88. I feel so balanced & they're great for speed and not sliding out!

My current mouthguard is falling apart so this would be awesome hah

Amie said...

I follow you blog, I liked you on Facebook, and followed you on Twitter!