Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Albert's Trees

Albert's Trees is a project being done in memory of Albert Medina, the 2 year old tragically killed by a car on July 2, 2012 in the Nelson Neighborhood of Muskegon, MI.   Albert was my neighbor and was constantly at our house picking berries and playing with the dogs.  Albert loved fruit, and could often be seen eating blueberries and strawberries from our garden,that's how Albert's Trees came about. 

This project will benefit the youth of Muskegon, this Saturday at least 30 fruit trees will be planted in public areas.  The biggest requirement of this project is that the fruit must be accessible to children.  We are planting in community gardens, at churches and schools, in parks and other public spaces.

Now that we have found the places to plant the trees, we are looking for help with materials.  Fencing, to deter animals is the main item we need.  This Saturday September 8, 2012 is the planting of all these trees around Muskegon, and time is running out for supplies, so we created a chip in.  Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated and will go toward making Albert's Trees a success in his name.

I don't usually blog about these kinds of things, but little Berto was near and dear to my heart as is this project, so please, if you have the means to do so and can donate...it is greatly appreciated!

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