Monday, August 27, 2012

Long Lost Love, Roller Derby

It has been far too long since I have skated with a team and skated hard.......

We have been desperately trying to start a team here in Muskegon, MI....which is nearly impossible to do when none of the areas skating rinks will let you I made the next logical choice, drive an hour each way 3 times a week to get my derby fix.
Last week we started newbie class with Grand Raggidy Roller Girls, which is super exciting and Im stoked to start skating with another WFTDA team, and terrified at the same time, a year off skates is a long time.....
Naturally yesterday was our first day back on skates and Merle and I both got some sort of AWFUL stomach cootie bug, but we made it through an hour of practice before leaving and staying in bed for 24+ hours. 
Tonight is another night of practice, and while I dont feel 100% brutal, I feel 55% and that's good enough for me!

In preparation to be skating again Merle and I have been doing some serious cross training, taking an adult weight training class combined with pilates and yoga classes.

If you have access to any sort of weights here is a little workout that is sure to kick your ass
We always have 3 different weight sets, for legs generally 20# 25# and 30# will do, all depending on what your body likes/needs......dont overdo it, especially in the beginning!

Start this exercise with your lightest weight for the first set of reps, then increase for next set, etc.

Dead lifts- do 12 dead lifts
this is the best video on youtube I could find of a dead lift, though I was hoping for a less brah approach, this will have to will DEFINITELY feel this in the back of your thighs!

then go straight into 12 squats

then straight into  12 single leg deadlifts on each side

Next set of these exercises increase the weight, repeat then the final set you should be using your heaviest whatever weights work for your body!

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AichJay said...

youch.. gonna try these today at the gym! Thanks for the suggestion!

good luck with the Raggidy's! They're a great bunch of ladies!