Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Derby can be super humbling.......after a year off skates

After a little over a year since skating like 12 hours a week, going to first practices as a new newbie all over again is totally humbling.  Which doesn't necessarily have to mean bad things, it means, holy hell, some of the easy beginning things are harder to slow down and concentrate on all over again.  Sure, I can maneuver thru a pack, skate on one foot, and weave through a pace line, but hot damn if I can remember exactly how to do a 180 knee fall.

Then again I am often hard on myself, and after some crazy beast of a stomach virus, maybe I should cut myself some slack.  Slack cut.  That was long enough, today was back to the gym.

There is a conflict of schedule at the gym, pilates ends at 10:35 and the weight training class starts at 10:15, today we decided to go with the weight training class, but to our dismay there was noone there when we arrived!

I started out with 3 sets of 12 of bicep hammers - increasing weight with each set

3 sets of 12 Tricep Kickbacks

***Sorry for the cheesey youtube videos, though I think videos of my goofy self might be more entertaining, I have no videocamera.***

3 sets of 12 dumbell extensions

I didn't spend time in the free weight room after these exercises, I went up to the room with the machines, which makes it a lot harder for me to explain what I did there, other than 3 sets of 12 on each leg machine and each arm machine.  There are 2 different machines that are for your inner and outer thighs (hip abductor and hip adduction), I generally do 25 of those then do a 25 second hold and repreat that 3 times on each machine.  This video is of one of those machines I am referring to.

This evening I will go to pilates class, pilates is awesome for strengthening the core, which is super important for playing derby.  Pilates is also a fun class, and leaves you sore, especially when you are just starting.

Here's a beginner pilates video, only 8 minutes long and the basics of pilates.

After pilates will be the daily pushups and planks.  I do 3 sets of 10 pushups then 3 sets of 30 seconds of planks and side planks.  I am taking advantage of the nice weather and doing pushups and planks outside in the soft grass as many days as the weather allows, because it is softer and just way too nice out to spend all day inside working out.

Im obviously not a professional personal trainer or whatever, so this is my disclaimer, workout at your own risk, consult a doctor, blah blah, or make your own damn choices and make yourself stronger inside and out.


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