Thursday, February 2, 2012

Roller Derby Workout Challenge

This week marked the end of the Vegan Body Building New Year New You Challenge and the beginning of the Roller Derby Workout Challenge!

I wanted to post a before picture, all funny in my workout clothes, but alas I have no cellphone or camera....and I am at a cafe using free stripping down to workout clothing is just not going to happen.  But, I assure you, I look super fly!  I also assure you that I will look just as goofy and dorky after the challenge is over.

I am not one for dieting, so I dont intend on doing the diet that goes along with the workouts, but I intend to go full throttle with the workouts and kick some major derby ass this year!

Todays workout for me:

1 minute of jumping jacks (gonna need a sports bra for this one, folks)

30 second rest

10 push ups


I am down for the challenge, and very excited, as I have been getting rather bored at the gym recently. 
I just finished with a Vegan Body Building challenge, where I just journaled my workouts 5 days a week, and journaling them really helped me and I fully intend on keeping up with my journal on Vegan Body Building forum!  Looking back over the last month at my workout journal, I realized that being held accountable makes me push myself harder and want to impress myself with what I can write down.

Who out there is doing the Roller Derby Workout Challenge?  What do you think the hardest part will be?


Obi-Wan said...

Eating right.

sharklegs said...

when i go on a diet, i like to have one "cheat" day a week, and this diet plan doesn't allow for that. i did the rdwc last year, and didn't cheat once, i did everything by the book - got amazing results, too! this year i am more lenient with the meals, especially since i have to adapt them to vegetarian now.