Friday, February 10, 2012

CNY Roller Derby Devistated By Fire

The first thing I read upon waking up yesterday is that a fire ripped through Central New York Roller Derby's and The Quadfathers new practice space, the space they have been pining over from the beginning.  This is my first league, the league that taught me how to skate, how to pick up both feet and let go of the wall.

                                                 So of course this news is heartbreaking.....

The derby community and local community has been amazing at spreading the word and really backing up the men and women who lost everything.  It's something that I dont think I could ever find in another sport, derby love is real and it comes on strong and without begging.

What can you do to help?  If you are in the CNY area, there is a DOUGH RAISER scheduled at a local pizza place, if you print the coupon and bring it in with you 20% of your bill will go to CNY Roller Derby!

There is also a relief fund set up to raise money for new gear and other items lost to the fire.

Direct gear and monetary donations can be sent to:
CNY Roller Derby
PO Box 8827
Utica NY 13505

Wheels and Gears is offer a 15% discount that can be used to purchase items for CNY Roller Derby, these items can be shipped or choose "Local Pickup" and the owner of Wheels and Gears will foot the shipping costs to get supplies to CNY Roller Derby- Use the code SMORES

 Some items they lost and are in desperate need of are as follows:

mouth guards
wrist guards
elbow pads
knee pads
skates in various sizes (they lost all of their newbie loaner skates to the fire)
dry erase boards
helmet panty covers for all teams
stop watches

these are only a few things that I know off the top of my head, they need so much more...they even lost their nice customized score board and their entire med bin, with ice packs  bandages etc

I am also working on putting together a care package to either send to NY or bring with me when I go for a visit.  The day before the fire I was posting on facebook, seriously considering going back to CNY Roller Derby, and its still a thought in the back of my mind.....we will see where the wind takes me this summer!

Please support these folks, they have worked their booty short clad hineys off and have an action packed season ahead of them, with no practice space and no gear.

If you have a business and would like to offer a discount or anything to help these folks and would like it posted on this blog, please email


Slay West said...

Thanks Brutal! Miss you <3

vegan derby girl said...

Miss you too, wish I could help more than just a blog post......but im looking into some things