Thursday, December 1, 2011

Roller Derby World Cup

As many, most or all of you know...this weekend marks the first Roller Derby World Cup!  Which is exciting in a non nationalistic sort of way.

To me, its exciting because so many different countries in the world are coming together at a big ole bout and, Im sure, an even bigger after party.  I think of the fact that I could have gone and watched and had an amazing weekend and I get angry, angry that Detroit has done nothing but suck every last penny out of me!  Well, there's always next time, and hell...who knows, maybe someone I know will be skating for team USA by then.

So, what will I be doing instead of going to the Roller Derby World Cup?  I will either be going skating tonight, or I will plop my booty down at a cafe and watch the team USA vs. team USA little teaser bout.....this is a hard decision to make, as both options are pretty dreamy.

Are you watching the Roller Derby World Cup this weekend?  Have plans with friends around a big ole bowl of popcorn?  I have to work this weekend, but I have been known to choose fun and passion over work, anyday!


Slay West said...

I'm going to watch as much as possible!! Of course I have All Stars practice tonight along with work and have to work tomorrow and Saturday. Luckily though, I have tomorrow morning off and most of Saturday off!

Miss you Brutal!

Vegan Derby Girl said...

im gonna try to make it to a cafe to catch team usa tomorrow at 1240pm

decided we are skipping practice and watching the lil teaser bout

i miss you too sporty spice!

kokovartalofiilis said...

I've been watching and loving it! rooting for our fantastic Team Finland so much it hurts :D

Ani, a freshmeat from Finland