Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Roller Derby Holiday

I am not huge on the consumerist nightmare the holidays have become, but that doesn't mean I don't like window shopping and always love new derby swag!  Here are some of my favorites this year, hint hint.....

After some clarification about the "separate" detail of these shorts, though I am still confused, I am down for a challenge!  These shorts seem to be super popular and look cute, I just wonder if the separation leaves you "open" for a wheel to the taint.  Either way, I would love a pair from Wicked Skatewear
If you didn't know, using code VEGANDERBYGIRL will get you 10% off at Wicked Skatewear!

I check back to RudeChix rather often and this is the first time I have seen this shirt, so perfect, you don't even know...

Yeah, that's right...Antik has come out with a VEGAN skate!  Mouthwatering glorious and sexy, these are a Vegan Derby Girls wet dream!  I went to an event last fall hosted by Albany All Stars Roller Derby, where Wicked Skatewear and Antik were there to try on gear and buy some goodies....it was a blast but I was broke....someday, someday these skates WILL be mine!  Heck, by then maybe there will be more vegan color options!

A lot of folks have asked me where I got my bad ass roller derby wallet/clutch....well here she is, she opened an etsy shop!  I used to skate with KraftyKimmer back in NY with CNYRD.  When I left the league presented me with a beautiful roller derby themed clutch that goes EVERYWHERE with me!  This particular wallet is of The Quadfathers, the mens roller derby team from Central New York, great group of guys and super rad wallet.....message kimmer if you want your very own roller derby wallet or clutch!

I NEED new elbow and knee pads, and knee gaskets are ideal as well, since I do have a pesky ole knee injury from a few years back (not derby related, not even a cool story, unless you are a weirdo)    Wheels and Gears has a combo of elbow and knee pads from SCAB which is one of the brands I have been seriously considering and have heard amazing things about!

Another great looking wheel is here from Atom, and you bet your behind I want to try them.  My current wheels are pretty haggard and the bearings are downright embarrassing!  These look nice and grippy for the polished cement floor I have been skating on since moving to Michigan.

I have had the Roller Derby Workout DVD for about a year now and I absolutely love it, whether you are a hopeful derby girl in the works, a couch potato, or a full blown derby dominator...this dvd will help kick your ass into roller derby shape!  Sure, I dont need another copy...but they are always a nice last minute gift for your derby wives.

Obviously this is a very small list of the derby sexiness I dream of, but at the risk of having a photo and sexiness overload on my blog, and boring you to death as I drool on these items.....I will end the post here.


Jenn said...

The "separate" is just a seam and ruching! There will be no more chance of taint to wheel contact than normal! My pair didn't fit, but the other girls on my league said it's the most comfy bottoms they've skated in!

Slay West said...

This is an awesome roller derby picture book (with the wonderful Bonnie Thunders on the cover): http://www.amazon.com/No-Mercy-Roller-Derby-Track/dp/0764338366/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1323193059&sr=8-1

Squeak got it for me for my birthday!

Vegan Derby Girl said...

squeak is a good woman! that book looks awesome!!

Michelle said...

You can get both Antik boots vegan, as well as ANY Riedell boot. A lot of stores don't advertise it, or only advertise the vegan AR1 and 265, but for a customization cost, you can get them all vegan.
Also, for the Antiks, the $90 vegan charge also gets you custom sizes (narrow, wide, different sizes for each foot, etc)

Vegan Derby Girl said...

thats awesome, one of my good pals has different size feet!

i have a pair of riedell vegan skates, and they are awesome and have held up soooooo great......but the antiks have been drooled over so much I just wanna slip my feet in and give them a go...someone said its like sex on the foot

thanks a ton for all the info on the vegan skate options, i only thought there was 1 option when i ordered my skates. which is fine, my skates are great, and have very little wear, with the toe guards I made.

Michelle said...

Yeah it upsets me how little the options are advertised. The Vegan Antiks are the same material as the 265. And Antiks are like putting your feet into the hands of a million angels and kittens. They are amazing. I can't wait until I get mine.