Saturday, November 5, 2011

wear your knee pads******EVERY time you skate!

Went to an open skate last night, this is the first time since I started roller derby a year ago that I have slacked on wearing knee pads.  I learned a valuable lesson..........wear protection!

This open skate was a bit wilder than any other open skate I have encountered, kids zooming in and out, people speed skating and weaving in and out.  It was, quite frankly, a cluster fuck of skating chaos.  Which was super fun.....until........
A kid swerved into me, hit my skates and it was a split second I fall on this small child and smother them with my large curvaceous body, or.....take a knee and hope for the least amount of damage.  I hope this small child appreciates that he didn't need to be excised from my fluffy body, because damn do my knees hurt.  The floor hurts without knee pads, like, more than I would have ever expected!

Please all derby players, take a moment to snuggle your knee pads and give them due praise, appreciate them for all their soft cushiony goodness...and DAMMIT wear your knee pads at open skates!
I am a stickler for safety, often yelling at friends to wear their pads..what the hell was I thinking?  Well, I had just washed my tights, and being out of work and broke decided it was best to not wear knee pads because I didn't want to sweat on my knee pads.  That doesn't even make a lick of sense as I am typing this, I am always dirty, barely showering...and I care about my tights getting sweaty?  Sounds like I had a momentary loss of my brain and intelligence.  It's like this creature took over my brain and made bad decisions for me.

Wear your knee pads, watch for unruly children, and most of all....have fun!
SKATE FAST, SKATE long as you have your knee pads on!


Kelly Von Lunen said...

I learned the same lesson in pretty much the same way!

SarahByng said...

I did this a few months ago, my Knee had just recovered. I took one knee...outdoors! instant bruise!