Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Bout- Bath City Roller Derby

Ugh Internet has been down....but that doesn't mean there isn't copious amounts of derby action to catch up on!

Had my first bout with Bath City a couple of Saturdays ago, it was a league bout, purple vs. black.  The teams had cutesy names, but I have a horrible memory.  I was drafted to the black team, and my good pal Mrlyn was drafted to purple....the teams change for every bout, so we very well could be on the same team next time!

When I got to the center where the bouts are held I got a bit nervous, some old and new friends were coming to watch and I had only ever scrimmaged with my new league once before this bout.  I took a Valerian root to calm my nerves, making note that next time I will take a lower dose, as I was nodding off at the bench a bit.

I was so wrapped up in hydrating and making sure I ate something healthy before the bout that I forgot to make my goals.  I like to take a scrap piece of paper and make goals for that specific practice or bout and work on those things while I am skating.  I realize I am not the best derby player out there, but I find if I set goals to work on for myself, a lot of learning and growing can be accomplished.  During half time I realized the lack of goals, and lack of concentration, probably from the Valerian.

With no paper and a fuzzy head I decided my main goal was to be aggressive.  Sounds good on paper, or in my head..but its really something I need to work on.  Sure, I can hit, I can block, but I don't have that killer wanna win attitude in my mind.....which is what my game play is lacking.  I go out on the track with the mission to have fun and improve my game, for once Id like to go out there and want blood!  We can all hug and snuggle after the bout, but I need to really want to win.  I have never been a competitive person, which is odd because I am so aggressive in so many other aspects of my is, what it is.

Was I satisfied with my playing?  No, I wasn't, but I did get in some good hits, a few good assists and some booty blocking.  Roller Derby is one of those things you get out what you put in, and I am stubborn as I figure if I keep skating and pushing myself I will be decent someday!


Valerie Goes Vegan said...

This is awesome! And I'm definitely looking up valerian root now (and not just because I like the name!)

Vegan Derby Girl said...

valerian is great for anxiety, insomnia, and can even be used for headaches! YAY VALERIAN!