Friday, November 4, 2011

The Crazy Life Of A Transfer Skater

Well, I lost my job...which is really not that bad since now I can make it to derby all 3 times a week!  I NEED to skate as often as possible with the impending doom of seasonal depression on my back.

Being a transfer skater is a very odd thing, it hasn't been bad at all.  Honestly with the level of anxiety I have on a daily basis I thought it would be a much harsher transition.  I still get a little bit of a weird feeling in my stomach when I drag my gear into practice, but nowhere near what I expected of myself from the beginning.

Transferring is interesting because things are likely going to be very different in the new league from what you are used to in your original league.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but its definitely the case with my transfer situation.  It's hard going from a league where you know everyone and are FINALLY comfortable in your own skates, to starting fresh with a bunch of people who don't know you from Madonna.  Here are some little tips I can give to those who might be considering a move (which leads to an inevitable transfer)

  • TRY TRY TRY not to compare every little thing to your old league, and if you do......try to keep that in check.  I often feel like people I skate with now are probably getting sick of hearing "on my last league we did this or that"  I am not saying it in a bad way, or saying my last league was better, just trying to give ideas and insight from halfway across the country.....but sometimes I annoy myself with it.  Mainly I am just super excited to be skating with a newer league and trying to give insight and help in any way I can, but I am really trying to not step on toes at the same time.
  • You will never find another Lady Dimentia so dont even try!  If you had a bestie in your old league, dont compare everyone to them...or try to find someone similar.  My first night of practice I was looking around and finding people and wondering "I wonder who they will remind me of from my last league"  BUT I will admit there are some similar characters here.......its very I guess this isnt a dont do, more so something I noticed I have been doing!
  • Dont be so nervous, IT'S ROLLER DERBY DAMMIT!  The new league is just as excited to have you as you are excited to get started.  Show up, strap on your skates and skate around and introduce yourself.....but do this slowly or there's no way you will remember every ones names!  I am still learning peoples names on my new league.  Everyone has been super sweet and super excited to skate with me, and it has felt like home almost instantly!
  • Dont be a show off, I havnt done this because need SKILLZ to show them off.....but noone likes a show off... show up, skate, and figure out where your place is within the league....dont go zooming around acting like a jerk to try to prove yourself.  THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING, or the skating in this case.
  • Offer to help with league doings on and off there a bake sale coming up?  A bout coming up that you arent drafted for?  Buck up and sign up!  The first bout I watched here at my new league I was an NSO, which is the BEST thing to do to get an idea of how your new league plays and skates together.  Front row seats to all the hard hitting ACTION!  Help out, pull your weight, and observe!

I am sure I will think of more tips as I go during this whole transfer process....

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