Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vegan Chickun Wings

As I said, I am on a mission to try many vegan foods that I normally wouldn't bother with....because hey, why the heck not!  This time I tried to Chicken Legs by May Wah
I was particularly excited when I got these because they absolutely reminded me of the delicious wings Jessi and I had in Long Island last year that I just had to blog about!  When I opened the bag, sure enough these are definitely the same ones we had last summer, SCORE!  Though, I will say go easy on these they seem to have a lot of salt, at least for my liking.

So, how did I make these?  I tried my darnedest to reenact our enchanted meal in Long Island, so I took about a quarter cup of vegan buttery stuff and melted that down on the stove, adding just enough Red Hot for the color to be pinkish red...really add the hot sauce to your liking, I'm pretty spicy!  Then I found a dish small enough to fit in our toaster oven for baking (yes that's still how I roll) put some of the chicken legs in there and drizzled and coated them with the hot sauce butter mixture.  So simple, I cooked on 350 for 30 minutes, every 10 minutes or so I poured more juices on top of the chicken legs so they wouldn't dry out.  These are fan-friggin-tastic, I served them over some pasta that i just put olive oil, garlic and sprinkled some nutritional yeast on. VIOLA, absolutely yummy, but again, don't eat this all the time, maybe once a year....not on the healthier side of vegan foods!


KJ Callaway said...

I love how it says "No alcohol" LOL I want to try to make Orange Chikun but they don't have faux meats in the asian stores near me.


Vegan Derby Girl said...

yeah i looked at the no alcohol thing and was a bit confused, weird weird weird
but deliciously weird
I ordered these from cosmos vegan shoppe online, either that or it was food fight grocery online....either way

Amie said...

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog!! Is 3 brothers pizza the place on long island you're talking about? Almost every time i'm there I get the wings and these look exact to them! I wish they sold those in grocery stores..yumm :]

Vegan Derby Girl said...

you betcha its 3 brothers pizza im talking about!!!!! theres actually a blog post from last summer somewhere on my blog about 3 brothers!!!!!!! and the trip to the long island tourney but mainly the good vegan food since im a fatass hahaha