Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Whole New League

I have been emailing my ass off trying to find a league to skate with here in Michigan.  I got pretty darn spoiled skating with CNY Roller Derby, so I have a laundry list of things I am looking for.  Last night I skated with a local league for the first time.....

I skated with Bath City Roller Derby, it was about a 40 minute drive from my house, so I hydrated, took some anxiety herbs and headed out.  Naturally things weren't as easy as they should have been, getting there, on the way, not even 2 blocks from my house some guy hit my truck and then got out and proceeded to come at me in a threatening way.  He calmed down a bit when I got out and he saw that I am pretty big, no dainty cutie here.  He swore at me, blamed me, then drove off.  I went home and calmed down a minute before driving, safety first.

After all the insanity trying to get there, I finally arrived.  Thank you valerian root for calming my anxiety enough to walk in alone and start gearing up.  Almost instantly I was greeted by the skater I had been exchanging emails with, and I knew almost immediately that this is my new home.   Everyone was super friendly, asking me questions about NY and just trying to feel me out.  Someone even asked me how I like their floor, its cement with some rough patches...I just laughed and explained that my other league skated on slippery as ice cement for the longest and I was well versed in the crappy floor!

It was really refreshing to skate with another small friendly league, but at the same time I felt a tremendous amount of homesick.  Judging by the open arms I received, these ladies will soon have a space in my derby heart.

Sadly I have to miss a practice each week because of my crummy minimum wage job, I am going to call and see if I can switch up my schedule......SKATING > WORK!


Slay West said...

Glad to hear you're skating again (even if it's not with us)!

KJ Callaway said...

I am so happy you found a home. And HOLLAH for Valerian right? I take that before interviews all the time now, so I don't sit there and some how end up talking about my cat.

Vegan Derby Girl said...

miss you slay!
valerian saves my life, on the regular
i totally take it before job interviews and any social situations!

Lady Die said...

I am so happy for you to be skating again and I miss you so much:)..leave a space open at a practice when I finally make it for visit would love to meet the new league ladies:)

Vegan Derby Girl said...

I miss you too die, so damn much!