Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sad day for this derby girl

Recently I made the decision that it's time to move on and out of Central New York, and the hardest part of that decision is deciding to leave my league, CNY Roller Derby.

Central NY simply doesnt have anything for me other than roller derby and the few close friends I have made because of roller derby, so it's time to move back to Michigan where my friends and lovers are...and start anew.

So, what does that mean for me as far as roller derby? Am I hanging up my skates?


I have already contacted a few nearby leagues, and received a response last night within 2 hours of contacting a league...things are looking good...seems like I will begin skating with them immediately after I relocate September 1.
This is an emotionally charged decision but I realized that I will never be truly happy in a town full of depressing memories and depressed people.  Im not gonna talk crap about Utica, since I know so many people worship's just not the place for me.....I need bike rides, radical spaces, radical empowered friends, adventures, people who dont work their lives away, collective living.......and most of all I need to be surrounded by caring people everyday...not just at derby.

I recently went to Michigan to visit for 2 weeks (yes thats where the hell Ive been!) and before I left you could say I was technically "on the fence" about leaving....but in reality I just wanted to get in a couple fun weeks of summer before heading back here to work 40+ hours a week so I can have insurance and get much needed dental work done.  After not skating for almost 3 weeks...holy toledo!

Who strapped these wheels to my feet?  How do I stop?  You want me to hit who?  Oops there she goes.  

My first practice back was um....not so impressive, as I felt like a fish out of water.  But I did have my first derby blood shed on our new skate court floor.....lemme tell you when you slide on your shin on that stuff, its like a cheese grater for your flesh!  BATTLE WOUNDS!

All jokes and fun vegan cheese grater stories aside...I am really going to miss CNY Roller Derby, the league I suckled the teet of for the first year of my derby life....the league where I met so many amazing women from a zillion different backgrounds and lifestyles...and most of all.....
Im gonna miss coming home from a super hard week at work to a mudwrestling pit in my front yard and a blazing fire pit in my back yard........

This weekend is our home team tournament, The Blue Collar Betties vs. The Utica Clubbers....and if you ask me who I am rooting for.....I wont tell you.  Im rooting for it to be a super tight, nail biter type of bout where I am sitting at the edge of my seat and cheering for all the wonderful ladies busting their asses on the track no matter what color their uniforms are!  At the same bout I will watch our local man-derby-ers The Quadfathers rematch with the Capital District Trauma Authority, and with Slay West as a bench coach....lets just say, its gonna be a good one!


veganvengeanceb12 said...

Welcome to Michigan! What league will you be practicing with?

Little Bastard said...

We will miss you terribly...but SO glad you will continue to skate!! I want to crash a practice sometime!:D And know...we will always be here for you!