Saturday, June 11, 2011

Skate Court....welcome to the 70's

Like everything done with CNY Roller Derby, our new floor has character too! We recently bought our own skate court, and its oh so exciting!
When I found out that we would be getting our very own skate court, it made my body tingle with excitement and made me realize how much our league has grown in the past year since I started. Sure its a mosaic of sexy 70's colors and takes a bit of getting used to skating on....but the minute I stepped out there with wheels strapped to my feet I was in love. You can really get a good speed up and not slide out around the turns like we always did on our slippery cement floor.

There is one major difference I have noticed so far....if you are rockin some Poison wheels, and you try to coast....THINK AGAIN! I tried to do my 25 laps in 5 minutes and got about 20 seconds behind at about lap 15, because I generally coast at the turns (I think its a learned thing from skating on such a slippery floor for so long) when you coast on this skate court you slow down TREMENDOUSLY! Now I am back on the quest for the perfect wheels, all over again... Any suggestions out there?


Anonymous said...

Atom G-Rods are magic on skate court.

Beth said...

Good to know. Our court is getting delivered tomorrow (woot!) and the entire team pretty much rolls on Poisons since we practice on a slick cement court too. Thanks for the heads up!