Tuesday, June 21, 2011

dear person who called roller derby worst subculture since skinheads

YOU SUCK! No but seriously though, I dont even know where to go with this, or what to say other than you suck. I guess the comment has left me speechless, which is a rarity!

Recently on my Facebook page, someone posted that "roller derby is the worst sub culture since skinheads" and I didnt even know how to respond or what to say or what to think. Isnt that generalization of something no different than that which you are so against with "skinheads"? I wont get all political or whatever people like to call it when you have an opinion, but I just wanted to share the quote....maybe Ill look back in 20 years and think thats the best quote ever....but its doubtful!

Roller derby is a sub culture that I think is barely sub at this point, everyone from the school nurse to the molotov cocktail throwing anarchist is playing roller derby. Roller derby is an outlet for people from all backgrounds and its a great way to get together, form bonds, then kick the crap out of each other. I write all of this as my fellow league members are at practice.

Why am I not at practice? Because I work ridiculous hours now and I get out at 8pm on Tuesday, then add the half hour drive to derby....by the time I get there I have missed 2 hours of practice....moral of this story?


Maybe the person who coined that lovely quote needs to work less and derby more..........

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Beth said...

What an idiot.

I can't tell you how many times I get "but you don't look like a derby girl" or "you're too nice to be one of those derby girls"...so what exactly does a derby girl look like and are only bitchy women allowed? Pfft!

I am a quiet, blend into the crowd, stay at home Mom...and I LOVE me some derby! Deal.