Wednesday, May 18, 2011

derby derby derby

Roller derby brings people together, and sometimes even forms unbreakable bonds.....

Roller derby has done a lot for me over the past year, and I am really happy I gave it a shot after some harassment from a friend.  Derby has made me realize that there are sports for 200 pound confident strong women, I had been misled all of my life during school sports where I was made to feel like crap (my then 140 pound "fat" self) and therefore didnt want anything to do with those sports.  Roller derby truly is a sport for everyone, and it has changed my life.

When I first started "skating" (I use that term loosely, as I was on the floor more than anything) I was like a horse learning to walk after birth.....I make it sound a lot more adorable than it was.  I was terrible, I could barely stand up and I was terrified....and I sure wish I had video of my early days to compare myself to now when I am having a practice where I beat myself up over silly things.  I am still not the best skater in the world, but Im the best me skater for where I am right now and I make it a point to not compare myself to others when possible.  I try to look back at even the past month or so and say, hey at least I started hitting people and doing something other than looking good out on the track.

From the first day I showed up, nervous as hell and strapped rental skates onto my feet I have felt part of something amazing.  A warm welcome from everyone that night at my CNY Roller Derby first night of newbie class, and I was HOOKED.  Those who intimated the crap out of me at first (yes you, Lady Dimentia, and Moody Obsession) are now some of my dearest friends and league mates and I have learned so much from every single person in my league.

When I say I was hooked, that isnt even the tip of the ice burgh.....roller derby has taken over and consumed my life, and its a good thing!  I am so close to passing my assments and being able to bout, I feel myself improving at most every practice and I have a big huge family of sweaty strong women from all walks of life supporting and pushing me to succeed....what more could I ask for?

Now if I could just import some of my amazing non-derby friends here from all over the world, I would be set for life....but that is not reality.  So I am in constant search for a little pocket of radical folks in good ole Utica, NY.


RRF said...

So, where did you learn to skate? I am having a tough time finding a place to even learn. I don't really want to pay $7 a time at a rink 30 mins away, the sidewalks are so cracked here and I got kicked out of a tennis court. What did you do?

Vegan Derby Girl said...

i showed up at my local roller derby leagues newbie class, strapped skates on and flailed around the track!

RRF said...

oh, ok. We have those here on occasion but doing that once a month isn't going to get me anywhere. thanks for the help. also curious - how long did it take you? 3 months? a year?

SarahByng said...

went to see my first Roller Derby bout in London last weekend, and stopped off at MS Cupcake Vegan Cupcake shop on the way, which one of the derby girls actually works at. i started skating a few months ago, and im loving it!