Monday, April 25, 2011

Skate Maintainance

I was complaining at our open skate yesterday that doing crossovers in the "correct" direction is nearly impossible for me as it feels my back leg only goes so far and stops dead and I cant get a good push....this tipped a fellow skater off that I might have my trucks too basically I have been skating for a year with my trucks tightened all the way, apparently when skates are shipped everything is tightened!  Well well well, sometimes its good to complain and say things out loud that you think might be in your head (I totally thought it was a weakness in my leg or something weird)

My trucks are loosened, my crossovers are much better AND I got help from the same dude, Grambo, with some tips on turning around.  I have been trying to do the steps as instructed to turn around for months....epic fail....after the few tips I was turning around all over that damn slippery track!  I am not saying I can do it full speed and feel comfortable but its definitley a welcomed change.

I am hoping that my new wheels and bearings, my newly loosened trucks, and my sexy strong legs can get those :09 off of my lap time sometime this week.  I am getting so frustrated not being drafted, and theres a bout this weekend...grrrr

We had a friends and family bout a few weeks ago and The Utica Clubbers asked me to do lineups for them...well that tickled me in a private place.  I was so excited, and it just so happened to be the day I moved, so I showed up after 10 hours of moving...with my wild woman hair.  When I showed up they gave me a pineapple as a gift for helping out, which was awesome because the pineapple kind of resembled my I walked around carrying it I got many comments and chuckles. 
Doing the lineups was a blast, and they even asked me to do them again this Saturday for our Ice Breaker Bout.....this is all fine and good....
but I much rather be skating along side my leaguemates.  So this week I will give my 25 laps another go and hope for the best!

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ChibiMitch said...

Hey, sorry to be commenting on such old posts, but I just added you, so I'm just reading this now. :)

When you mention the turn-arounds, I have a terrible time doing the "steps", too. Can you tell me what works for you & how you're starting to get the hang of it? I simply CAN NOT transition/turn around. I do the steps (180-step), and pretty much stop. I'm trying to get to the point where I can stop by turning around & using my toe stops, but I just can't do it that way!