Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back and Better Than EVER

So, it seems I have fallen off the face of the earth....well I havnt!  I just moved, and if you have ever moved from an upstairs apartment to an upstairs apartment, you know what I have put myself through! 

                                             Some little seeds have started sprouting already!

I have spent the last handful of days trying to find my kitchen and unpack to get ready for the best time of year.....the growing season!  Sure I cant find any of my clothes and Ive been eating unhealthy easy meals for a week but you bet your butt I got all of my seeds started indoors!  A bit of a late start with the seeds but its better to start them now before I unpack than to wait to break dirt at my new place and get them planted then.

The yard at my new place is HUGE and a fellow derby girl lives downstairs, so we shall have the most amazing derby garden ever!  We are growing a bit of everything including many herbs and my absolute favorite.....BLACK CHERRY TOMATOES!

I am waiting in DESPERATION for my organic parsley seeds to arrive, who would think it would be so darn hard to find organic parsley seeds....well it is!  I had to give in and order them online because the co-op didnt have them and neither did a local slow foods chapter.  Parsley is amazingly good for you and a staple to my summer diet, I love tabbouleh with fresh parsley and tomatoes from my garden...yum

In just a couple short weeks our home season will begin, so the pressure is on for me to pass my stinkin rotten 25 laps in 5 minutes. GRRRRRR

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