Saturday, February 26, 2011

workout challenge

This week Roller Derby Workout Challenge left us to our own devices with both the workouts and the meal plans (for those doing the meal plans)  So did you slack, or did you kick serious ass this week?

I went to the gym every day except today, and did a lot of cardio this week.  I even faced the dreaded eliptical machine a couple days this week.  Why is it dreaded?  I always feel like I am going to fly off of it when I get it going fast, absolutely ridiculous, but thats how I feel. HAH
 I honestly much rather ride my bike outside over any inside gym activity....but upstate NY isnt known for nicely plowed roads in the to the gym I go.  I also noticed that you get a better workout on the treadmill with a max incline on 3.0-4.0 speed than you do on the eliptical.  Atleast for me.

Today we have a scrimmage for the CNY All Stars, and I have offered up my sexiness and skills to help NSO the scrimmage.  Last season I NSO'd as many bouts as Brutally possible and I really think it has helped me learn the game.  Besides, you are right on the track and see all the action from the best seats in the house!  I will likely be a NSO as much as possible again this season, when Im not bouting that is!
Because I WILL be bouting, those laps arent going to get the best of me and keep holding me back from being my Brutal self. 

The only thing I dont like about being an NSO......wearing a white shirt!  Fat people just dont look good in white, I know what is flattering on my body and white sure isnt it!
Purple is a much better NSO color if you ask me.....and dont mind Jessbot, she is dressed for the theme of this particular bout.. "MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT" it was our Mother's Day bout last year!

I cant wait for the scrimmage today and after that is a derby crafty party.....DERBY DERBY DERBY!

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