Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wicked Skatewear Down There

Sometimes I come up with the cheesiest headers for my blog posts, but I bet the title grabbed your attention on this one!   By down there, I OBVIOUSLY mean booty shorts..  I recently ordered a pair of Wicked Skatewear shorts and of course I HAD to have them personalized...."Riots Not Diets"
These have easily become my absolute favorite booty shorts, and I have MANY pair.  Wicked did a super badass job and they came in the mail super duper fast.....I was rockin em at my Syracuse scrimmage the following week!  Besides, who doesnt love a big fat ass that says "riots not diets" I know I sure do.

I really liked that when I ordered these I could totally customize them with words I wanted, color combination that I like and in the font I wanted.....and that I could squeeze my booty into them...
I got in touch with Wicked Skatewear and they even gave me a coupon code to offer to Vegan Derby Girl readers!
  • Use code: veganderbygirl and get 10% off your order!!!
I already ordered a track jacket and some sheer PLUS SIZE tights, they make you look like you have sparkly legs...so cool.  ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Those are fucking awesome. Plus, coupon code means I can feel like I am justified in buying myself some booty shorts, as it will be summer (soon! SOON!) and I have none.


KJ Callaway said...

I would totally wear a track jacket but it would have to say "Brutal's Wifey"


B Mad said...

I would love to use this image in my blog with your permission. My blog is http://bmadisms.blogspot.com/

I recently posted about booty shorts and didn't mean to dis them but some people took it that way. So my next post is going to be an answer to a comment and would love to use this picture. Oh and I also like your blog and am now following. Thank you again,

B Mad