Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Brutal, you're wearing pants?"

I hear this even more now that I play roller derby, "You are wearing pants?" with a befuddled look on their face.  It seems that with practice, events, bouts and trips to the gym we never see one another in "regular" clothing....sometimes the absolute shock of it all makes our jaws drop!

Before derby I still heard this often, if I just so happened to have pants on.  I actually dont recall the last time I wore pants before I got a day job to help support my derby addiction. 
This is my band playing a drag show in Michigan, I rarely wore more than this on a regular day...just add a skirt and I was ready to ride my bike to the beach.

So, what do you say when you see a fellow derbinator in pants?  Do you say, "oh my, your booty looks totally different in pants" or how about "wow I like the covered and shy appearance of your ass today"
Whatever it is I say, it sticks in my head for the day, a little giggle at how we look when we are in everyday clothes. 
I always felt pants were constricting and that I play derby I just feel like they are so much fabric holding me back from whatever it is I am trying to do, even if it is just sitting at my sewing machine for a few hours.
I was actually just looking through photos and I am having a hell of a time finding a picture of myself in anything but skirts, dresses or now...booty shorts.

My anti pant wearing started after I stopped traveling and settled in Michigan for a while, now that I wasnt traveling and hopping trains I didnt need to cover and protect my legs.  So I started wearing the skirts I had worn over pants on the road...alone and it was incredibly liberating.
Reasons skirts rule and jeans drool:
  • skirts dont get mid day saggy ass  ( I like to call this poopy pants, since it looks like you have a load in your pants)
  • if you make a skirt or get one that fits you, it doesnt have to fit you in 20 different areas to be comfortable and look halfway decent  ie hips, thighs, waist, calves, length, BUTT
  • air conditioning in the summer!!!!!
  • when you are riding your bike the legs of a skirt dont get caught up and annoy the hell out of you!
Those are all the reasons I can think of right now, but I am sure there are a zillion more.  The idea that a pair of jeans off a rack at size, lets say 16, are going to fit every size 16 woman correctly is absolutely ridiculous.  I own one pair of jeans and they fit me horribly, they have a 16" zipper for a big lower belly that I dont have, they are huge in the waist, tight in the ass and my calves float in them.....

Homogenizing the sizing for clothing just creates yet more insecurities and frustration.  So what is the solution, shut up and wear pants that are awkward and uncomfortable and FAR from flattering?   Try on pair after pair of sweatshop labored pants, swearing at each pair for a different reason, leaving sweaty and unsatisfied?  Special order a pair of pants to fit your specific ever changing measurements and pay like a zillion dollars a pair?  I dont really have any solution other than to wear skirts, dresses, short shorts and hell sometimes I just wear leggings because I dont give a crap!

Finally found a pic of me in pants.....and its while traveling AND Im wearing a skirt over them! HAH

I guess I am ranting and rambling in this post, but what I am trying to say is...wear whats comfortable for you and dont give a flying V what other people think!  Dress to impress you, make yourself feel confident and sexy!  And if you cant find pants that fit right, everyone looks sassy in a skirt....even if its made out of dumpstered shorts 10 sizes too big for you!

Back to the workout portion of this blog, WHAH WHAH
Today is a day that I dreaded since the plan went up last week, today I do
10 burpees
10 pushups
10 * jumps
repeat 10 times

AHHHHHHHHHHH  I love these workouts and even though I dont make it all the way through some of them, I think they are making me stronger and most of all, making me more confident at derby.  Maybe the workout challenge is brainwashing me into thinking I am getting better hah!  Either way I love the challenge and cant wait to see what the following weeks have in store for us, only a few weeks left....keep plugging along....and remember, if you cant keep up dont give up!  Do what you can and push youself, just not too hard.


MB said...

No Pants? No Problem! That's my motto.

KJ Callaway said...

I am lucky if I leave the house in underwear or a bra. Chris is always pulling me aside and saying "Are you commando at freakin WEGMANS?

Hell yeah shop in comfort.