Monday, February 7, 2011

Bruises are SO last year!

I always see pictures of colorful rainbow derby bruises all over the Internet....and I feel a pang of jealousy. It takes a whole lot for me to get a bruise and when I do its weak as hell.
I have been on the road to derby badass for about a year now, and I finally got my second bruise...look how tiny and barely colored it is. PA-THE-TIC! That weak little bruise is from a 3 person pileup on the track..the other bruise I had a few months back, someone had got my shin with their toe stop.

Not saying I want to get badly injured playing derby, noone wants that, but some battle wounds would be nice!

Saturday night I headed out in a blizzard with Jessbot to a scrimmage in Syracuse...what a drive! I wasnt willing to give up the shot to scrimmage though, I had been basically counting down the days for the past 2 months waiting to lung infection or blizzard was gonna keep me from skating!
I felt a bit more confident that I did something at this scrimmage than I did with the Albany scrimmage. I successfully blocked a few times, a couple assists but absolutely 0 hits. Though it was nice to get nailed by someone and have them just bounce off me, finally a sport that my size is a good thing!  It was great hearing from another woman in my league how far I have come and getting a big high five, pretty much made my night to know that I AM improving....even though I dont always see it!

NO HITTING!!!! It's like a majorly annoying brain block that keeps me from just doing it, and a woman I skate with said it spot on...I skate with my head and over-think things. YES! Yes I do, I am just a thinker, with everything in life. I also really just need to be more competitive, like hey you Im gonna knock you on your ass because my team IS winning this. I am seriously going to look up some hypnotist cds online to see if there are any to make people competitive, hey its worth a shot!

Aside from the crazy weather and barely being able to breathe while skating I had a blast and was totally bummed when I heard "last jam of the night" and I wasnt on the track. I have that same feeling at practice, if its the last jam and Im not involved I am super bummed...I often feel like if it were up to me I would just keep scrimmaging for hours and hours.

Yesterday I had to miss practice, which always bums me out...but it was because Jessbot and I had to go to my sisters baby shower! I ended up winning 2 prizes for my skills at being at a baby shower? Which is weird to me because Ive only ever been to my sisters. The cut a string to the size you think my sisters 8 month pregnant belly game....I just wrapped the string around my gut and I was seriously only an inch bigger than my sister....this is all funny to me because I knew it would work if I did it that way and because my sister is so tiny that at 8 months pregnant she is barely my size! Overall it was worth missing practice, but now I NEED to skate tomorrow.

Today is a workout free day for me, its my day off from the workout challenge this week. 1 year ago today my grandmother died, and she was the most amazing woman, so smart and confident and just plain badass.....she is my inspiration for everything and it kills me that she will never get to see me skate!
                        Horrible photo of me, but its the most recent one I have of us together.

Miss you and love you gramma!


Amy said...

Um, the leg is not supposed to move like that...

Mammi's Notes said...

I absolutely love the way your grandmother is looking at you in this photo....such love. So sorry for your loss. I'm sure every day is hard, but today, especially.

On a much lighter note, the fact that you can bend your leg like that is insane! Have you thought about taking that show on the road?! :)
Glad you had so much fun at the scrimmage. I can't wait to pop my scrimmage cherry!!!

Vegan Derby Girl said...

I always say that I am missing body parts or bones or something
and yes that really is my leg, jessbot took the photo because that is exactly how i showed jessbot my bruise! we couldnt stop laughing at the photo, it looks like someone under the table and im holding their leg

grammas are the best, and mine was better than the best

mammi i hope you share your cherry poppage when the time comes!!!! id love to read about it

Slay West said...

I LOVE this photo and you and your grandma!

And great job on Saturday :)

Vegan Derby Girl said...

thanks slay, you are so encouraging and helpful and i love when you give me advice and tell me what i can be doing better
i am one of those peoples that thrives on it and doesnt get mad, so please feel free to yell at me at any a productive way of course hahaha <3

Erica Ortiz said...

I envy that you don't bruise easily. I look like Mike Tyson's girlfriend on the regular.

Vegbee said...

I don't bruise either. But sharpie sticks to me like a tattoo. It's all very discouraging :(

I recently broke through my no-hitting streak :D I think for my first couple of scrimmages and first bout I was just trying to figure out what the heck I was doing. I was having a hard time remembering to make contact when I was really just looking for the jammer and trying not to die. Then, after laying someone out in practice, I remembered why I wanted to play this game in the first place. Nothing more satisfying than hearing the splayed fall of derby pads on concrete behind you and knowing that you caused it. Playing with your brain isn't a bad thing and very soon it will get coordinated enough with the positional blocking and assists and then want to add on some hitting.

Also, you can make up for your lack of bruisability by being the cause of bruises on other people. It'll all work out.