Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best Day Ever

Ok, well that might be a bit dramatic....but it felt so good to strap on my skates and do the Roller Derby Workout Dvd this morning after what seemed like years without a workout.  I am still not tip top Brutal, but I got through the workout and I really think it made me feel better! 

I find that once I pull myself out of bed and do one workout, I get super pumped and want to run around and workout all is one of those days!  I will be heading to the gym later to read my derby book and ride on the bicycle, damn plows dont do a good enough job for me to ride my real deal!

I am really starting to work on strengthening my knees, I had a stupid fence hopping injury a hand full of years back.  And while my knee doesnt actively bother me anymore, I know its not as strong as good ole lefty!

Squats and lunges are great for me to help build all of the muscles around my knees...when you watch this video for the squat get a little chuckle about "the area ladies like to keep tight the most"

The Roller Derby Workout DVD has squats and lunges, but I like to do a few extra sets everyday that I can because that is really where I need help....getting my knees nice and strong....there is nothing more frustrating that being able to do a good crossover in the opposite direction and not so good in the direction we skate in!
In addition to riding a bike and the dvd I am going to do Rodney Yee Yoga For Abs again today, I love that damn dvd and when I have time I like to add it to my everyday workout.

I hope that the challenge is keeping peoples interest and everyone is staying motivated.  I know I have definitely been frustrated this week, with being sick and not being able to do all of the workouts everyday.  That is part of winters in upstate NY, sick cold and a little crabby....and a little sluggish.
 I am a huge water drinker, and I know a lot of people dont drink water, they dont like the taste or whatever you like to drink make sure to stay hydrated when you workout, keeps that blood a flowin'!

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