Friday, January 28, 2011

World Vegan Pizza Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is World Vegan Pizza Day! Since Strong Hearts Cafe only serves pizza on Fridays, Jessbot and I will be heading out to Syracuse NY for some bangin vegan pizza today!  As long as all goes well tomorrow, I will be making pizza in my toaster oven at a friends house, who also doesnt have a stove or oven!

There are so many options for vegan pizza, toppings, sauces, different vegan cheeses....

My personal favorite is Vegan Chickun Wing Pizza
It is a super easy make too....its just vegenaise with red hot all mixed up together for the sauce
then cut tofu into chunks, coat with ground up almonds and garlic and onion powder and bake until consistancy you with vegan bleu cheese (if you have it, i like the sheese kind) then if you want some melty on top too....I go with daiya.

It's such an easy recipe I see no need to do a step by step...
The pictures are of the sub version I've also done....cant find any of the pizzas Ive get the idea

I am still undecided on which pizza I want to get tonight at Strong Hearts Cafe,  I wish I could get each slice of the pizza different!

Strong Hearts uses seitan as their "chickun" on their hot wing pizza, which is my favorite...with their garbage plate pizza a close second (think macaroni and cheese, burger crumble, french fries)
This is a hot wing pizza I ordered months and months ago (it's been too long since I have been there!)

What is your favorite topping for a vegan pizza?  Do you have a vegan pizza place in your area that you frequent?


Vegbee said...

I hated pizza until I became vegan. Take the cheese off a pizza and it is so much better. Now my favs are artichoke hearts, spinach, pesto, sundried tomatoes, baby corn, nutritional yeast 'cheez' sauce and... wait, I actually could go on because I adore pizza so much. I've never had tofu on, though, so I must try that soon. Thanks!

Dark Angel said...

this looks deeeelicious!!!