Friday, January 14, 2011

Slay West #13 Companion Animals

I have decided to add a new little section to my blog, companion animals and the derby folks they allow to live with them!  Please if you are interested in being a featured derby folk and have animal companions you want to showcase, email me!

                          SLAY WEST #13
When she's good she's very good, but when she's bad she's even better!

                        Slay West is a pivot/blocker/jammer for Central New York Roller Derby

What companion animals do you live with?  names ages - 2 cats and 1 dog; cats are Chloe 9, Piper 4 & dog is Cole 3

How long have they lived with you? - We've had Chloe for about 5 years, Piper for about 4 and Cole for about 3

What are their favorite toys, games, play things, outdoor activities? - The cats will play with pretty much anything around that house that makes noise or rolls and they love to play together and chase eachother; Cole tries to play with the cats and succeeds with Piper, he likes balls and he enjoys fetch for short periods of time outside.  He likes to play with other dogs and plays with my parents' dog a lot.
Chloe and Piper

What to do they like to do to cause trouble? - Chloe is very well behaved, she just likes to wake you up to cuddle.  Piper likes to knock things off the counter and tables and has broken several glasses.  Cole likes to chew on random things, but he's gotten much better with that.


Any quirks or humanlike manneurisms? - Chloe will come running to comfort you if you're crying.  Piper is just chatty, but mostly when she wants something.  Cole is pretty lazy like his "daddy" and he "knocks" on the door when he wants to come inside.  He also likes to sit on laps and only kisses on the lips.


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