Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Roller Derby Workout Challenge

So I must admit it hasnt started off so great.....a certain love in my life has distracted me and I ended up staying at Jessbots place until today, Tuesday, day 3 of the challenge.....but dont give up on me and I wont give up on myself.  Today I will be doing the workout from yesterday, today and then going to derby practice later. 

In order to get the full effect of a workout you need a ridiculous outfit.  These hideous shorts were found in my grandfathers clothes (I think, I could totally be making it up tho)  and yes my hair is wild, but I decided if I brushed my hair or cleaned my room for the photo, I would be portraying a lie....and I never want to live a lie!
The shorts are not very flattering, as they are clearly too big and have a huge crotch, and I do not...so just imagine the crotch filled out a bit more, and then I bet they would be much sexier!

Todays workout challenge is to dance in your room for 30 minutes, SCORE!  I do this on a daily basis anyway, and I love to dance......so finally something I can shake my booty to.  After I dance around like a fool, its on to yesterdays missed workout   BUM BUM BUM
20 squats
60 second plank
20 right leg lunges
20 left leg lunges
60 second plank
20 pushups
30 second plank
repeat 5 times!

                         Yeah, I love planks....I say bring em on, big bad roller derby workout!

If you have noticed, I will not be following the roller derby workout diet that goes along with the workouts.  Not only because I am vegan.....I dont believe in dieting, and I dont believe in denying myself the things I like in order to possibly lose weight for a little while.  I am 200 pounds, I workout everyday and I love my body.....

So, if you dont want to lose weight, why the hell are you doing the Roller Derby Workout?
I am doing the workout because I think they have done a pretty badass job putting together workouts that will help with roller derby specifically.  I want to improve my playing ability and "derby muscles" all while maintaining the weight I am at.


JonStairs said...

Awesome challenge!

I am trying to become a ref on Long Island.

I just started learning to skate and would appreciate recommendations of vegan skates to consider buying.



Freegan Brutal said...

i have the vegan riedells
i like them because my feet are wide and the material just molds right to my feet

make sure you go to a place and try some on tho, because they are custom made, you cant return them....so be sure to get the right size! good luck!

angelvamp13 said...

Awsome blog Brutal! Your reasoning (except for the vegan part) is my same reason for not doing the diet part. I have to do my workout for today still, especially since I won't be at practice.


Freegan Brutal said...

i am hoping to be back to my brutal self and at every single practice.....I will be looking for roommates for the spring so I dont have to work every waking hour of life just to pay rent and bills haha
you will be missed tonight sporty spice, my anti-diet sister!

Nicole said...

I totally don't believe in dieting to lose weight either, so I'm using the meal plan as inspiration to plan my own meals so I don't get lazy about cooking. Glad to see another kindred spirit out there!