Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Planks Planks Planks

So I did like a zillion planks yesterday when making up for missing the first couple days of the workout challenge.....and after I did all of those planks Mean Squeak ran our practice and had us do 3 sets of planks and 3 sets of leg lifts....if I dont have some of the strongest abs in the league by now, I never will!

Speaking of strong abs, it really makes a difference when your core is strong...when you start derby and you are feeling all of those whacky wild changes in your body, a few core exercises a day can really make all the difference in the world!  I am a huge fan of yoga, and as far as home yoga dvd workouts, there is no better than Rodney Yee

This video is just an exerpt from the Yoga for Abs dvd that I have at home.  Today is supposed to be a day off from the workout, but since I got a bit behind I intend to do my Yoga for Abs workout and atleast part of my Roller Derby Workout DVD

                                 A little more Rodney Yee for the Yoga Soul!

Yoga is a great workout because it doesnt seem tedious, well atleast to me, I have fun doing yoga and its always a changing flowing I dont get bored!  Yoga works really well for me because I am FREAKISHLY flexible, and the yoga I do at home helps me stay flexible and has taught me some moves to help me stretch before roller derby practice.  I have a lot of trouble getting a good stretch before I skate, due to my freakish flexability.

Good luck to everyone else who is doing the roller derby challenge, I am off to eat some breakfast and do my workouts.........bad timing for my town to have a boil water advisory....I generally drink a lot of water especially when I workout.  GRRRRRRRR

                                              And's all about the self love! 

Love yourself as you are and at what weight you are and who you are....dont promise to love yourself when you weigh ____ or when you lose ____!  Now is the time

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