Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Feeling Very Brutal

The derby plague has touched me in more ways than one, it has made some of my favorite derby dames miss practice and I havnt seen them and now....I feel a little off.  I dont feel sick really, just dont feel like myself.  So today I will load up on echinacea, goldenseal, dandelion root and have garlic soup for dinner!
Which means today will be my day off from the workout challenge, by default.  Which kind of stinks because Monday is a good day for me to workout, as I am already home most Mondays anyway.  Oh well, I will do some wimpy Brutal pushups and call it a day.  How is everyone else doing on the Roller Derby Workout Challenge?  I am trying to really push myself and do things I didn't think I could do, like a zillion burpees in one day.  Okay Okay, a zillion is a little exaggerated!

I feel since today I wont be doing my usual kickass Monday workout, I feel a bit down about it, but I am trying to keep in mind all of the awesome workouts I have done...and how much I have been pushing myself.  So if you have been getting down on yourself about missing a workout or eating 20 donuts (hell I say go for it!) just remember all of the things you have done....if you even just started the workout challenge, that is something right there.  If you have to take a day off because your body is just exhausted, do that, drink lots of water, take care of yourself then jump right back in!  That's what I plan to do tomorrow......remember....tomorrow is another day!

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