Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Bastard #5 CNY Roller Derby

Little Bastard #5
                                       Short Strong Sweet and Mean
                     Little Bastard is a Blocker for CNY Roller Derby

What companion animals do you live with?  names ages - Two dogs and 1 bird

Dogs:Pangaea age 8 (Pan for short) and Abby age 7. Bird ( Cockatiel) is new 3months old..his name is Flip, like FLIP the bird!
Pangaea was the puppy of boyfriend/now the time we all moved in together she was a few months old.
Abby was a rescue we adopted while living in Arizona-she was just turning a year old when she came to live with us-so she has been with us for 6 years now.

What are their favorite toys, games, play things, outdoor activities? - 1. FRISBEE! We cant say the "F" word without them flipping out and getting super excited. They love going for walks but their most favorite thing to do is go for a run in the woods with a swim in a lake to cool off and have a drink.

What to do they like to do to cause trouble?-  Pan likes to provoke Abby by playing with a toy so that Abby wants it..then when Abby is distracted by said toy..Pan hops on the couch for some individual love and attention.
Abby likes to show her disapproval by chewing on anything that mom shows more attention to than her-including moms books or  her sister Pan.
The bird likes to try and steal my nose ring and take my jewelry apart. 

Any quirks or human like mannerisms? -  Abby sleeps between my husband and I and hugs me all night long. She moans just like a human if she feels crowded...the proceeds to try and push my husband out of the bed.
Pan: provokes her sister  and causes trouble like any human sibling would.

baby raccoon- Tucker, he was a sweet little tucker. He is at a raccoon rescue sanctuary (lots and lots of land where hunters are not allowed) where he can come and go at will. He will go off and explore but sleeps in his cozy enclosure every night and still demands cuddles after treat time:) I may have spoiled him a little. Mom was hit by a car.

Baby bears- part of a protest I did with a local water park. Got hired and then exposed them for the mistreatment of animals. There were two of them..this is Hyacinth in this pic:) Name-because she was pretty like a flower and a really strong climber.

The other is Jasmine. Sad story-  I had them all set for a sanctuary but the owner sent them to a controlled fenced in game farm where sol called hunters shot tame bottle fed baby bears. I was devastated as I raised them..but the water park was exposed and they are no longer allowed to house wildlife. This created a chain reaction with other water they did not die in vain.

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sheitzmann said...

Thanks for sharing! It's great to learn about my fellow derby ladies and the animals that let them share a home. I grew up with animals and can't imagine a life without animal family memebers.