Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guts Butts and Guys

I mean thighs!  Thats right a group of us from Cny Roller Derby took to the workout floor last night for a little class called "guts butts and thighs", we even convinced 2 of our refs to join us! 
             you can totally see my undies, does that mean the person behind me at the class last night could too? HAH

I tried to figure out a way to take a photo of my thighs, but i guess the butt shot includes some thigh action!  Look how unenthused I look, probably because I just finished the Roller Derby Workout Video for the day, that is todays workout for the challenge!

Moving past goofy guts butts and thighs pictures from this morning, last nights class was awesome.  There is just something about seeing 2 male bodied refs rethinking statements such as "aerobics, pshhhaw"  I just cant wait to get them to a yogalates class, now THAT would be quality entertainment!

The class last night was pretty good, though I do prefer when an instructor is doing the exercises along with you, then they know how long a static hold is in terms of feeling....this is something our coach does too, he will get talking and forget that we have been sprinting for 5 minutes or something...though I can joke about it here, sometimes I see red.

I already did the challenge workout for today and later tonight is derby practice!  I am always so excited for the days that I get to skate, just how Im a fat girl who loves cake, Im also a fat girl who loves to skate!   I think I just came up with a derby slogan for a t-shirt for myself.

I hope everyone who is doing the workout challenge is hanging in there with the workouts, and not dreading the burpees that are coming in a few days...BUM BUM BUM  I am not dreading them, per say but I really dont like them all that much, they might be a tie with lunges.  Stay motivated, stay pumped, love derby and LOVE YOURSELF!
xox Brutal


amErica said...

Your blog is really helping me stay motivated through the RDWC. It's hard. Thanks for all the positivity!!

Mazel Tough Cocktail said...