Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good N You?

I am feeling really good about the Roller Derby Workout Challenge, I have so much energy sometimes I don't even know what to do with myself.  Yesterday afternoon I went to a yogalates class with a fellow derbinator, it was a nice class, pretty basic stuff.  I was thinking to ask the instructor if the class will be the same every week or if it changes, but I forgot.

People keep oohing and ahhhing over this miraculous amount of weight that I have lost, which I don't see nor give a crap about.  I am doing the challenge to improve my ability in roller derby, not to fit into some whacked out ideal of what a "woman" is supposed to look like.  I am living breathing proof of a couple of lies about fat people....

  • We are not lazy, well not any lazier than thin or average sized people, I know just as many thin people that are lazy as I do fat.  I know people that drive a block to the store, and suffice it to say I am not one of them.  I am constantly working on a project, walking around town, riding my bike, hiking etc.  Laziness is one of those things that really bothers me, I think because all my life people have assumed I am lazy because I am fat.  Well, that's crap...I'm not lazy, I'm active, fit, happy and healthy......oh and by the way my blood pressure shocks nurses every time because they always assume I will have high cholesterol and blood pressure and's not their fault, that's what they are brainwashed to think....I digress, not all fat people are lazy and not all lazy people are fat!
  • Genetics Genetics Genetics- Even during the summer when oftentimes I ride my bike 30 or 40 miles a day and go hiking and canoeing constantly, I am still fat!  Now my half sisters on the other hand, not nearly as active and wear size 0 jeans....this is only proof....

The sooner you learn to love what you have, "imperfections" and all, the sooner you can be free from those ties that will bind you....bind you to an entire lifetime of yoyo dieting, comparing yourself to others, and not eating the foods you want because you are worried your butt will get big.  I say eat that jelly donut (though I wouldn't because I don't like donuts, but its what I thought of first) but also eat that leafy green salad and go for a bike ride.  Do the things in life that satisfy you, that make you happy.

Next time you see an absolutely gorgeous girl, don't rip her apart or compare yourself to her....appreciate her beauty and say something nice about yourself.  Think of those things about you that you do like, and concentrate on them....the rest of your "flaws" will eventually be happily added to that list and you will surprise yourself!

Next time you see a fat girl in tight clothes, or a short skirt or something that "fat girls shouldn't wear" appreciate her confidence, maybe even compliment her.  As women we are often times our own worst enemies, constantly comparing and critiquing and ripping each other apart, trying to find something to grab onto...something for ourselves.  Try lifting yourself and your sisters up, you will be amazed how much better that will make you feel than cursing the girl with confidence and legs that go on for days!

Besides, all of you doing the Roller Derby Workout Challenge have amazing strength, commitment and proud of how far you have come...even if you aren't completely keeping up with the workouts...what you can do will improve each time and you are only getting stronger everyday that you push yourself!

If you find yourself need a little extra motivation.....


Corpse said...

Thanks so much for this blog. It definitely picked me up seeing as I've been so hard on myself lately. Everything you said was perfect.


Vegbee said...

genetics genetics genetics

Hear, hear!