Sunday, January 23, 2011

Derby Daze

Bright and early every Sunday a large group of derbinators shuffle into our little practice space....often with coffees in hand and grumpy crusty eyed expressions. 
                                                  Looks like I am wearing a gas mask!

Today was no different, other than the fact that I have a bit of a death rattle in my chest, making it a bit more difficult to push myself.  Besides the fact that I didnt feel 100% brutal today I felt that one of the drills we did in particular was awesome!  It was a drill helping open up the inside line for your jammer, and it really helped me get an idea of what to do to kind of clear a little space that I want.

Often times I will be scrimmaging and I just dont know exactly what to do, I know I need to help my jammer but thats about all I know and it stops I kind of fall back and watch the action....the best way for me to learn is by observing and then doing. 

Well I am sick of watching and I feel like I am learning enough every practice, that I WANT IN ON THE ACTION!  By nature I am not a very competative person, I guess maybe coming from a 0 sports background, I just never learned to be competative.  This is something that I am working on, I am working on being more aggressive and competative.......I am also working on the fact that my crossovers are better going in the opposite direction, yes I am THAT weirdo!

I never thought I would end up playing a sport, obsessing about a sport, and maybe even getting halfway decent at a sport.  Before derby my main thing was riding my bike all over the place, which I must admit, if competative bike riding were a bit less dry......I would be all over it!  I also love canoeing and hiking and long walks on the beach HAH, but can you see the common trend....they are all for the most part solo activities.  So playing derby is something totally new and interesting for me, and I LOVE IT!

Even though I had derby practice this morning, I will be popping in my Roller Derby Workout DVD and having a go at it, as long as my lungs cooperate.  I love doing the workout dvd because every single time I do it, it gets easier and I feel like the more proficient I get the more efficient it is...say that 10 times fast!

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Vegbee said...

Us vegans aren't known for our violent tendencies, but we can all keep working on our agression :D

I'm with you on the nada sports background, and I'm even more blown away to now find myself to be a sports columnist. What a weird topsy turvy world derby is, yes?

Hope your lungs cooperated and all is well :)