Monday, January 17, 2011

Burpee? I rather have a slurpee!

Due to a different life schedule than the workout challenge, I will be doing all of the workouts when and how I can fit them in...which includes doing the "burpee" workout this morning. 

In keeping with what seems to be the norm of people posting before and after shots for the roller derby workout challenge....  I have decided to do the same but with a FREEGAN     BRUTAL twist........
these are my "before the burpees" photos

If you aren't quite familiar with what a "burpee" is, they are also referred to as up downs, atleast by my coach...if you still aren't familiar, here is a sassy little video to show you what's up!

Now that you are well versed in the "burpee" you will understand my post "burpee" photo, seen here:
Today's workout consisted of repeating the following a total of 10 times 
(5 times, with a 5 minute break, then the other 5 times)
10 "burpees"
30 second static squat hold
10 star jumps
30 second plank

The planks and static squat holds are vegan chocolate cake, and the star jumps arent so bad...though I did consider that I might go through my floor and end up in my neighbors lap....but doing 100
"burpees" in any given enough to make this 28 year old vegan derby girl need an afternoon nap. 

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Emily said...

You're really make me anticipate my day of "burpees". It sounds like I might pass out!