Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bend and Stretch and Bend and Stretch

We all know how important it is to get a good stretch before you workout..........

or do we? 

Over the years I have known a lot of people that dont stretch before they get physical, which I think for me might be an issue.  I am so flexible that I find it hard to get a good stretch but I really do try to loosen myself further before I skate especially. 

Most people sit at a desk in an office for most of the day, which can be really stressful on your body.        


Yet another video from Rodney Yee, stretching at your desk!

Another little thing I have done to help with my posture and to combat computer drone lifestyle, I dont have a computer chair, I have only a yoga ball in front of my computer.  When I am at my computer my back is straight and my posture is pretty decent as there is no back support on a yoga ball.  Sitting on a yoga ball also helps with my core muscles, as I am generally bouncing on my ball while I check email and write blog entries.  Something so simple and small, yet it helps immensely.

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