Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almond Crusted Tofu and A little Thing Called Jumping Jacks do you buxom babes do it?  Jumping Jacks send my chest into shock from all the bouncing, I put another bra on and I still feel like they might bounce right there an easy answer?  I am not even particularly busty, so I cant imagine what the ladies with a large chest go through.....any tricks and tips are greatly appreciated!

That being said, since I dont have a derby practice today, I opted for the jumping jacks and push ups combo...not too bad, but I got an important call half way through, so I had to do the final 2 reps after my call...the jumping jacks and pushups didnt make me feel anywhere near what roller derby practice does, so I did my yoga for abs workout and I plan to go for a long walk off a short pier later.


Yummy Yum Yum

You will need:
Ezekiel sprouted wraps
cherry tomatoes
fresh spinach
a brick of xtra firm tofu (frozen for 24 hours then thawed out)
salad dressing or olive oil and balsamic vinegar
fresh or dried garlic
1 c. almonds
onion powder

Make sure you freeze your brick of tofu, it gives it a more palatable texture!  Thaw that baby out.....
Then you will grind up your almonds, add garlic and onion powder and any other spices you cant live without.....slice your tofu any way you like it, i try to get 4 rectangular slabs out of a brick of tofu...that will make 4 wraps and atleast 2 meals!  Dip your tofu slabs in either water or hemp milk (or any variant of the non dairy milk persuasion) and then dip into the almond meal mix. 
You will then place the tofu slabs on a cookie sheet or on the tray for your toaster oven (I dont have a stove or oven so I use a toaster oven) bake for 15-20 minutes on 350...flip and bake the other side.  Take one of your amazing sprouted wraps, toss some yummy spinach and a handful of tomatoes on there, add your almond crusted tofu and some salad dressing or oil and vinegar and you have a fast easy yummy lunch!


Vegbee said...

I have big boobs and had a couple of kids - you don't want to know how much I fear the jumping jacks.

am putting tofu in freezer now - thanx for the recipe!

Freegan Brutal said...

the jumping jacks are right up there next to lunges on my sh*t list!

you are very welcome, i am hoping to post more and more recipes, I used to post a lot on my blog, then work took over....good thing im out of work for a while hah!

enjoy your almond crusted delight tomorrow!