Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Scrimmage Scrammage

Recently I was informed that I had the skillz to participate in my very first away scrimmage, which made me jump and click my heels....with my skates on of course. 

I went with Lady Dimentia and we left a bit early for some shopping at a mall out there in Albany, NY.  I was super excited to go to the fat girls hot topic, torrid....but I am sad to say that it is just a bunch of overpriced sweatshop labor crap!

We arrived at the scrimmage and naturally my anxiety was in full force, but when more and more of our league started showing up it wasnt so bad.  We started skating and it was a lot of fun but I did a lot more standing back and watching while skating than doing...I feel when we have a bigger space for practice I will have a lot more time to work on hitting again.

If you look at the pictures I look miserable, horrified, or stupified in every single one....good thing im so cute or it would just be ridiculous.  A few folks said I did great for my first scrimmage, I of course dont feel that way, but I feel the more and more I am able to participate the more I will learn and grow as a skater...thanks Albany Roller Derby for popping my away scrimmage cherry!

                       I look like I am going to cry in this one (that's me with the skull shirt on)

                                                        AHHHHH please dont hurt me!
                               I might be doing something useful here, but eh....probably not hah

                                                               Dont be jealous of my mullet!   
Thanks to Walter Romero for all the super sexy shots of the scrimmage...and thanks to Albany for hosting...

After the scrimmage Lady Dimentia and myself went out with some Albany skaters to a german joint called Bier Garten....can you say vegan brat with kraut, I sure as heck can!!!!

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Furrrocious said...

Hey Girl! Way to go!!! I am so proud of you. I bet the pictures of my face will be the same when I finally do my first scrimmage. hahaha
Anyways, way to go!!!!
xo Furrrocious