Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zombies take over UTICA!!

We recently did that zombie photo shoot with a local photographer and it was awesome.  I already wrote up a small post and showed some of the photos of us getting ready.......but now its time to share the awesome final shots!

                                                        Our very first victim of the night!

Leave it to Melfire to say "Brutal one sec, lemme give you my panties to wear around your ankles!"
                                                I think I look better undead, personally!
                                I absolutely love this shot of Chiropractor!  Scary zombie!
                    Where there is CNYRD.....there is hungry booty biting derby zombies!!

                                        Awesomely horrifying shot, absolutely love this one!
                         Marc Goldberg, our photographer, thought he would make it out alive.....
                                                         but derby girls love GINGERS!

I cant even put into words in this blog how much fun being zombified was.  Think of it this way, we got to dress up all derby like, wear our skates, have gorey nasty makeup on AND be photographed to document the entire thing!
I was totally bummed out that I was stuck at work and had to miss the annual Zombie Walk, but this photoshoot totally made up for it!  Besides, you should have seen the look on some of the regular bar patrons faces, priceless!

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Furrrocious said...

Looks like it was lots of fun!!! :)
Derby girls look good even as zombies.