Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soup will cure what ails you!

Yesterday or the day before or some such time I made a post with a recipe for mashed cauliflour, which I finished off first thing this afternoon btw, and said to save the water for soup and posted a link to a reciple.....Today I heard the derby plague is yet again coming around CNY Roller Derby, so I decided to make my own soup, full of garlic and love!

Here are the basics, oh and 99% of the ingredients are local, only things that arent are the red beans and garbanzos....I had a small amount of each so I just tossed em in there...remember to soak  dry beans before using them or they will take 90809 days to cook....I dont use canned ones, full of sodium!

I probably made enough for a small army, so feel free to make less hah
Set the water used for cauliflour to boil, then I added the little bit of farro I had and 2 cut up leeks.  Then came the garlic, mind you garlic is AMAZING for you, and besides, its delicious...I added approximately 20 cloves of garlic, whole.  I love the way the whole cloves melt in your mouth when they are in soup, if you prefer a different approach, mince them if you must!

I get this all a brewing while I continued to cut up carrots, celery (with leaves), a huge bunch of kale.  I let this all cook for a while and the flavors to meld, then it was time to MUNCH!  I love soup when I feel a sickness coming on and this garlicy goodness is not only healthy, its delicious!  Enjoy.
**If you like using bouillon, use a couple of those vegan boullion cube thingies, but honestly all the veggies and garlic make an amazing broth...slurp slurp

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