Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mashed cauliflour is oh so yummy!

Look at this cornucopia of delicious veggies I received last Friday in my  Foodshed order!
   I was so excited about that absolutely gorgeous cauliflour I decided to make an old favorite, mashed cauliflour...yum

Its super easy, boil up that cauliflour until it is super tender, dont dump the water tho, set the water aside.  Put your cauliflour into a bowl and mash it up with some yummy hemp milk (or any other non dairy milk) add some olive oil, fressh minced garlic, salt, pepper, onion powder or minced onion....really go wild with the flavor possabilities.  I always use nutritional yeast in mine, but unfortunately I dont have any right now, so I had to make due without, whah whah.  But I did add a little daiya vegan cheese to make up for the nutritional yeast, yumm

Why the heck did I say to save the cauliflour water you boiled it in?  Because you can use that for a soup stock!  Either freeze it for a later time or make the soup I plan to have for dinner tomorrow!
Here is a link to the soup I am making for tomorrow!

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