Monday, November 22, 2010

Mail Fan

I absolutely love getting mail, snail mail that is.....when I wake up and its raining outside and Im having a rough time missing people..(like today) there is nothing better than packages waiting for me at the post office!  I put my key into my po box, open the door and there sat 3 little yellow slips...I squeal with excitement, whenever I see even 1 yellow slip...but today there were 3!

2 of the packages will be blogged about in the future...lets just say kitchen gadget awesomeness AND some cookies for review...SCORE!

Then there is the package full of a little present for myself, once in a while I decide to spend a few bucks on something I would like.  So I put in a new order with Microcosm Publishing, if you arent familiar they have a ton of zines, books, t-shirts, stickers etc of the BADASS persuasion! 

What did I get in my little package?

Well a new 2011 organizer of course!  I love getting the Slingshot organizer becuase not only is it pretty to look at, it will hold all of my meetings and scheduled craziness for an entire year....but it also has cool things in it like...
  • A Menstrual Calendar
  • Conversion page with inches, cm, feet, mile, quart, gallon   etc.   which is great for me because though I love math, its just something I never learned
  • For each day of the year, little holidays and things that are noteworthy are written in on the pages...along with cute little drawings, etc
  • A page of guitar chords, which is great because I keep having to look them up online...and will never actually learn to play my guitar that way!
  • Sign Language Alphabet page
  • Sweet, just finding this now, a list of ingredients that might come from animals and therefore not vegan....right in a daily friggin planner SCORE
  • Recommended reading list including fiction, non fiction and zines!
  • How to start a radical space and a radical contact list broken down into regions of the world!
  • A section to put your contacts alphabetically and then some blank pages for doodling or whatever you fancy
Overall I think this years slingshot is a win, I really love the design as always and it has some really useful goodies inside!  I also ordered a sticker for my helmet that reads "Smash the State, Learn To Skate"  that one is going right on my helmet!

I even got a little free sticker with my order, its 2 folks doing dishes collectively and says microcosm publishing, sweet deal!

You will just have to wait and see what my other 2 packages included, if I could figure out how to do some vlog posts I would totally videotape myself opening packages...because to me, that is exciting!

Want to send me mail?  Be penpals?  Have something reviewed?
po box 99
remsen ny 13438

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