Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy World Vegan Day!!!

Today is world vegan day, a day to celebrate compassion and liberation.  I wish everyone an amazing day, and I hope you make the yummiest vegan dinner possible!
Today I made some raw onion/garlic bread (well im still making it because its still in the dehydrator (pictures and recipes to come in the next few days!) and right now I am munching on some delicious raw kale chips!
These bad mothers arent your aunt Sally's chips that is for sure!  They are made with kale and so friggin easy. 
All you do is break off the really stemmy parts, put the kale sexiness in a big wooden bowl (I love wooden bowls, dont ask me why, I suppose you COULD use another type of bowl, but why would you want to?) Then you drizzle olive oil over the kale and mix it up so each peace is LIGHTLY coated in olive oil, some dashes of salt and more mixing and you are set to dehydrate!  Dont have a dehydrator?  That is cool too, you can bake on the lowest temperature your oven offers!  Kale is good for you, and these are heaven in your mouth.

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