Sunday, November 14, 2010

Freegan Brutal #1121 CNY Roller Derby What's in a name?

That's right, my name and number has been officially approved by Two Evils, which took 6 months to happen.  I am so happy, I feel more legit now, which is odd because I shouldnt feel as though I need my fancy name to be legit....but its all part of the game!
People outside the realm of roller derby dont realize how much thought goes into a name and most often even a number for a player.  I had so many derby name ideas, based on writers I absolutely adore, that were already taken.  That is when I decided my name had to be 100% about me, and so it is.  I am freegan and some would say I am brutally honest, which I wont deny! 
My derby number is a whole other story entirely, it is my grandmothers birthday.  My grandmother fell ill a couple of years ago, so I decided to stop my traveling ways and head back to the east coast and care for her.

My grandfather passed almost immediately after I arrived home, leaving me, Jessbot and my grandmother to hang out and take care of one another.  January of 2010 I started roller derby, and as usual my grandmother fully supported the idea, and I couldnt wait to have her come watch me play.  A couple of weeks after I started roller derby my grandmother died, leaving me alone and totally lost......with the exception of my roller derby family who helped me survive a "brutal" year.
So alas, that is the story of why my roller derby number is 1121, November 21, 1935 the most amazing caring woman was born.

I do find it a bit odd that 6 months after I registered my name, it is randomly approved a week before my grammas birthday!

And considering how far I have come with my skating, I think my gramma would be damn proud of me...which was always her style.  Even when I decided I wanted to eat out of the trash and hop freight trains around the country, my grandmothers only words were "be careful, call me, have fun"

I bet just about every derby gal out there has a story behind the name or number, maybe not...but I know I sure do.  love you gramma

Anyone who was ever wondering where I got my confidence and snchnazzy style is your answer!  Stone cold fox!

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