Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soup is what ails me!

This week has been rough; emotionally, physically and well.....all around!  So what better to do for myself than run a lavender bath and eat a big bowl of yummy healthy soup!
I started off the broth with some filtered water and better than bouillon the vegan no chicken that a boiling while I added some local organic chopped up carrots, leeks, and whole garlic cloves (as many as you can stand, they are good for you darnit!)

 I got that a rollin then I added an entire 2 oz. package of dulse flakes, its a red algae high in fiber and protein and just darn delicious.  I then added a handfull of dried shitake mushrooms, how can you go wrong with some shitake mushrooms? YOU CANT!!

Finally when all the veggies were tender and delicious I added a bit of cous cous I had in the cubbord to add a little filler to the soup.  I didnt add salt because I didnt think it needed it, but you definitely can!  I added about a TBLSP of black pepper.....


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