Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sadistic Coach

This Sundays advanced practice was quite a practice for me to return to derby full time. Our coach decided it would be a great idea to do a bunch of drills that he learned, I am assuming, in derby hell.... No seriously tho, they are great drills....

Since we only have one advanced practice a week right now, it is a 4 hour practice. Which is great, I showed up and it was pretty lax for the first hour, just skating around warming up. The first hour did nothing to prepare us for what lay ahead. The order of events may be a bit fuzzy, so I will basically describe the drills that stand out in my mind..in no particular order.

                                       He looks all nice and innocent....dont be fooled!  HAHA


We started out at one end of the gym, and he wanted us to gallop sideways to the other end and back, keeping in low derby stance, concentrating, and keeping our eyes forward. I did mine all slow and steady, to make sure I was doing it right.....well that and I have 2 left feet. Then Die-lon (our coach) decided that was far too easy, and had us the length of the gym twice (if you dont recall, in elementary school they had us chareokee... you basically run sideways alternating your feet crossing in front and back of your body) Again, I have two left feet, this proved to be very interesting. Then it was time to pair up...Bat and I were a gruesome twosome for a relay race. This was no run of the mill relay race...while the first person went the other people had to do either planks or leg lifts. Then the first person would skate down and do push ups, crunches or these lovely little things die-lon calls "all the way downs" where you drop down to your chest and pop back up (10 of those in a row, lemme tell you...you will feel that!) After a few rounds (like 6) of the relay race, we had to do a drill that was oh so fun. This drill involved doing knee drops, one after the other alternating sides without standing up. Yeah ok, I definitely cant do this...but being as stubborn as I am, I tried. My first attempt I landed sideways on my knee and sat out for a minute to feel it out a bit. My knee wasnt too bad, so I decided to do the drill the length of the gym and back. I am sure it looked hilarious because I know as I was watching people attempt this, it was pretty damn funny.


Those were the main torture drills that I remember, I love the drills that stick with you in your head for weeks to come. They hurt, they are difficult, but you know damn well they are somehow making you a better skater. After all of the difficult drills Die-lon had us work on duck walk runs, and toward the end he was blowing the whistle like crazy and turned it into an endurance drill as well. There are so many things I need to work on, for example starting at the jammer line....I havnt mastered the duck walk or running on toe stops, so I am always slow off the line. I also cant turn around to save my life, everyone explains it and it sounds super simple, but what it sounds like and what I do...they arent nearly the same. Then there are those joyous 25 laps in 5 minutes, I know it will come...but it is very frustrating to feel like I'm failing. I dont like failing at things. It will come, blah blah blah....tonight is newbie practice..that I am able to take advantage of because of those darn laps, so I guess I wont complain..I get an extra day every week to skate.

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