Friday, October 1, 2010

roller derby involves skating....what?

It seems like i havnt updated on my skating in of recently I passed all of my assessments except for my 25 laps in 5 minutes, I have about 30 seconds to shave off of my time. Which is very frustrating, I just wanna pass and play!

So seeing as our advanced practices are only once a week right now, I am taking full advantage of the fact that i didnt pass and going to newbie classes again. MWAHHAHAH sneak in an extra practice every week and hopefully get my lap time down. That all being said, I am also in the middle of moving so I dont have perfect derby attendance right now, which sucks. I am not a huge fan of missing a practice and lately I have missed more than I have attended. I am hoping with the move almost done, and hopefully getting my apartment squared away ASAP, I will be back at derby full force!

Here is a little challenge for my readers......I need a skate out tag line for when I start bouting next season, my derby name is freegan brutal....anyone have any ideas???

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Furrrocious said...

Hey Girl,

Sucks that you haven't passed it, especially cause it's only those 30 sec....
I am taking the test next week and pretty nervous about it... We'll you'll read about it on my blog! :p

Good luck with the move and everything! And I will be thinking about that tag line.....

Derby love, Furrrocious