Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nicobellas AMAZING truffles!

I recently received a package from Nicobella- Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffles, and holy guacamole they are delicious.   

You can get packs of each flavor on its own, or a sample pack...the sample pack is what I received.  I always try my best to save some yummies for Jessbot, but let me tell you this one was hard!  I ended up eating more than half of the package the first day they arrived, only 2 made it through the week until I saw Jessbot. 

These aren't your typical chocolates, they are vegan organic and your health was factored into each creation.  You can read a detailed description of each flavor here where it also tells you the health benefits of the ingredients in each one!  HECK YEAH!  Eat a couple of the Walnut-Flaxseed truffles if you are a winter time blues girl like myself!  No wonder I always feel so much better after I munch down on something with flax seeds or walnuts...and you know we all feel better after a little bit of chocolate!

Walnut Flaxseed Crunch, Sunflower Banana Butter, Pumpkin Chai, Blueberry Almond, Ginger Green Tea and Pure Cocoa Bliss.

These are the great flavors offered, and my favorite was the Walnut Flaxseed, and not just because Ive got those cold weather blues....but it was amazing and I love walnuts and flax!

Every single truffle left my mouth watering and me wanting more and more, I was even trying to hold off doing this review until I had a bit of extra cash because.......

Use coupon code "veggie" for 20% off your order!!!!  20%, thats a huge hunk off, and these are worth every penny.  The code is only good from 10/26-11/2  2010 so dont hesitate!

Treat yourself, treat your friends....hell treat me!