Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome Back Brutal

Where did Vegan Derby Girl disappear off to? Well, we have had some issues with our internet connection, but the good news....I have worked it all out, I will write up blog posts, then when I am at The Tramontane Cafe (derby run!!) I will upload whatever I blabbed on and on about.
Things have been insane around here this summer, between roller derby bouts, meetings and PARTIES...I havnt had a weekend of laying around all summer! I just had to take a break from work, so last week Jessi and I headed out to Rhode Island for some camping and , what I thought would be, relaxation. If you know us, we never just sit around.

Rhode Island was absolutely gorgeous, we went boogie boarding and snorkeling, I had never done either before. When snorkeling you get a glimpse of the world beneath the surface without disrupting the eb and flow of the life down below, its truly amazing. Large schools of fish swimming right by my goggles, beautiful purple star fish on the bottom, crabs running sideways all over the floor of the ocean. Absolutely gorgeous, I am hooked. Some guy told me “if you think this is beautiful you should go to the Carribean” and I said “yeah I should, do you wanna pay for me to go?”

Now for the goods.....we ate so many delicious vegan meals, I dont even know where to begin....oh but wait, I do. On the way to Rhode Island we just had to stop in Boston for some delicious vegan chinese food at Grasshopper! This is hands down my favorite vegan asian joint in the country. They have so many options I dont even know where to begin, other than telling you what I get. I always get the “no name” which is essentially their version of sesame chickun....phenominal. I also love a salad they have that is topped with mock pork, even the dressing on the salad blows my mind. Jessi orders the chickun fingers, and is pretty much obsessed. Good thing I live 4+ hours away or I would be there all the time eating and eating and eating, I wouldnt even be able to skate. The only thing that throws me off about Grasshopper is the big tank of fish??????? Pets ok, eating them bad?

We were a bit concerned about finding vegan food in Rhode Island since its super tourist-y, so I did my research before we left and wrote down the phone number and address to every place in Rhode Island I found when I googled. The first place we were going to eat was a place that had falaffel, darn we were hungry and they didnt open for another hour, but low and behold another place on my list was located just a block away! Crazy Burger is the name, and I wasnt very hopeful, since burger joints generally mean a soggy Boca burger that tastes like bland crap for $8. We walked up and there the menu was, posted on the outside of the building...

let me just say I LOVE WHEN FOOD JOINTS DO THIS!!! Because before I walk in I already know if its worth my time, I dont have to walk in and ask for a menu while the hostess looks at me with their eyes crossed wondering why in the world I would wanna know before I sat down. Apparently its odd when people care what goes into their bodies, you should hear the comments I get at the grocery store...but thats a tangent and another post all together.

Back to Crazy Burger, on the menu there was more than a handful of vegan meals, SCORE...oh and homemade veggie burgers! I was interested in the mushroom burger until I saw the vegan quesadilla, this is something I love but never think to make for myself. We always split our meals so we can experience both ( oh how we would love to be vegan food critics!) Jessi ordered the mushroom burger, it was pretty tastey, it was made with various mushrooms and came with a nice dressing...that I didnt realize would be hot until it scaled my hand. Then came the quesadilla, which I plan to make at home sometime this week! The quesadilla was filled with tofu scramble, vegan sausage, avocado, cheddar cheese and topped with what seemed to be a hot sauce and vegenaise mixture...served with salsa and vegan sour cream. It was absolutely amazing, I will be tweeking it a bit and post a recipe in the next few days! A few days later we revisited Crazy Burger for banana splits, I was so excited to order a vegan banana split in a restraunt, then quickly disappointed, it came with 3 chocolate cookies in it that I am sad to say tasted like cardboard. BUMMER! We choked them down and went back to the beach. 

We tried desperately to find the VEGAN ICE CREAM TRUCK, its called “Like No Udder” and apparently resides in downtown Providence Rhode Island...we never found it but we did find the place with vegan pizza, Nice Slice. We ordered a pizza that was half spicy chipolte meatball with spicy chipolte pesto and the other half was chickun broccoli with ranch as the sauce. These sounds absolutely amazing, and they probably would have been so frigging delicious if we werent already spoiled with Strong Hearts Cafe (syracuse, NY) vegan pizza. I treated myself to a virgils root beer ( I never drink soda and can never finish one, I just basically like the first sip) and we left Nice Slice. Jessi had never had Thai food before so we had to hit up some Thai while still in Providence, she was in for a treat and obviously fell in love.....because when we were in Newport we ended up eating Thai food again! We ended up back at Crazy Burger once more before we left town, both ordering the quesadillas and a side of fries, which I am very happy to say.......I hate ordering fries because I hate conventional ketchup, its like sugar tomato death sauce...well crazy burger makes their own and its not full of corn syrup and death, its full of love and tastiness!

You would think I would go into more detail about vacation other than the food, but that will come...for today, sitting here hungry at work...there is no better a topic! If you visit Rhode Island, be sure to snorkel at the end of Scarborough beach!


Roseanne said...

I am hungry now. And I want some catsup made with love and tastiness. :)


Vegbee said...

welcome back!