Thursday, August 12, 2010

July 21st bout recap

I wish I could write a bout recap for our last bout on July 31st, but unfortunately I had to miss it to go to Rhode Island......crap. I heard it was an amazing bout and I have my fingers crossed to get my hands on a copy of the bout dvd.

Last Saturday The Utica Clubbers (CNYRD) took on Lehigh Valley, and it was a tight bout ( I was getting text updates from 3 different people throughout the bout, sent right to my tent hah) At half time The Utica Clubbers were on top 42 to 40, I would have been sweating watching such a tight bout...I could just kick myself for missing it. The final score was 94 to 113, The Utica Clubbers, such a close one....I learned that next year I will miss a derby party for vacation instead of a bout....never miss a bout again is the moral of this story....

If you want all the awesome details please check out our league blog at

You can find photos here:

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